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androSince 2010 HWATT players and coaches have exclusivly used the andro brand of table tennis equipment for all events and activities. From rubber to blades or balls, Andro is the number 1 brand in table tennis.


The genesis of andro® begins in Dortmund in the late 80s. When more than 25 years ago the first ideas and products from experienced former table tennis national and 1.division players Wilfried Micke and Ralf Wosik came up, the brand is young, small and specially designed to meet the needs of table tennis players in Germany. Today, nearly 3 decades later, andro® has accomplished to take its part in the international table tennis scene. The basis for this development is laid in the late 90s, when the brand begins to establish itself in the professional field of table tennis. The team around the CEO’s Micke & Wosik can ideally express its personal experience into andro® ‘s innovative product development and leave an imprint to the table tennis market.