(HWATT) Health, Wellness and Table Tennis

(HWATT) Health, Wellness and Table Tennis

Health, Wellness and Table Tennis (HWATT) is the brainchild of Simon Gerada, a proven former professional Pro Tour member, Australian Olympian and Champion. Since 2009, HWATT has delivered many major events including the 2016 Australian Open, 2016 Oceania Cup, 2013 National AWD Championships, several National Hopes Events, as well as State and local events.


HWATT is an organisation set out on making a difference to the game, its players and our clients.


HWATT are proven performers working with the likes of the International Table Tennis Federation, Oceania Table Tennis Federation, Table Tennis Australia and Table Tennis Victoria.


HWATT are proud of their history, delivering on average more than fifty school sessions a week to the likes of Haileybury, Wesley College, Scotch College, and Camberwell Grammar School.


Now you can connect play and train with us anywhere at any time via our HWATT LIVE! portal. Sign up online, login and you’re connected 7 days a week from anywhere.


Sign up online, login and you’re connected.

HWATT can work with you online live at a pre- determined time that suits you or you can join into any of the programmed play and train programs organised right throughout the day and evening 7 days a week.

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Our team is our family, the ball is our best friend, the court is our home and the game is our life. Welcome to HWATT LIVE!

HWATT (Health, Wellness and Table Tennis) is an organisation set out on making a difference.
We are a proven organisation, from events, to learning to play, to consistent overall results and high performance outcomes.

You can trust us to bring out the best player within you. HWATT LIVE!game on!

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With the introduction of our new venue LOOPS, the HWATT ( Health, Wellness and Table Tennis) offer now spans corporate sponsorship, athlete pathways, scholarship programs, international travel events and training, school coaching, development, high performance training and facility management.


We set out to make a difference back in 2009. we looked at the game and said this could be done so much better and now, here we are.